Mdina & Rabat

Mdina is an ancient walled city in the heart of the Mediterranean island of Malta. At one time it was the country’s capital city but today it is a Mecca for tourists – 1.5 million of them flock here every … Continue readingMdina & Rabat

Beaumaris Castle

Its tagline is ‘the greatest castle never built’ but Beaumaris Castle on the island of Anglesey still has lots to offer despite being incomplete. It was one of a series of castles built by Edward 1st in Wales and for … Continue readingBeaumaris Castle

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle is a tourist attraction which sits atop a huge rock in the heart of the city. As such, it can be seen all around Nottingham. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s not actually a castle. This … Continue readingNottingham Castle

Fort Saint Elmo

This historic fort in Valletta, Malta is part of a collection of forts which have protected the island from invaders for centuries. The history of this one in particular is impressive though and its buildings are also the home to … Continue readingFort Saint Elmo


Set in the heart of the National Forest, Conkers is a 120 acre park were you can experience wildlife as well as sensory and physical play. On arrival you go through the main visitors centre where there is a large … Continue readingConkers

Blackpool Zoo

Opened in 1972, Blackpool Zoo remains a great family day out. Situated on 32 acres, the site is only a short trip from the town centre. Unlike some zoos we’ve visited the enclosures and enrichment activities seem to have evolved … Continue readingBlackpool Zoo

Legoland Windsor

“Everything is awesome”, well mainly. Legoland Windsor’s been open 25 years and is arguably the closest thing you’ll get to a Florida style theme park in the UK. It expertly taps into the enduing appeal over the generations of the … Continue readingLegoland Windsor

Powis Castle

Want to see a seriously beautiful, largely intact medieval castle with amazing gardens? Powis Castle in the place to go. Built around 1200 the medieval fortress sits high on a rock. The views from the top across Wales are amazing. … Continue readingPowis Castle