Burg Square, Bruges

BathThe Burg Square is near to the Market Place in Bruges and is a smaller, but in our view prettier square. This area is the administrative centre of Bruges and is surrounded by more beautiful buildings and the tourist information centre is here too.

Significant buildings in this square include the Old Town Hall, the Old Civil Registry, the Basilius church and the Chapel of the Holy Blood which claims to have a vial of Christ’s blood.

We were most impressed with the gothic Old Town Hall, dating back to the 1300s. It is truly beautiful inside with paintings on the wall depicting important events in the history of the city. The room is considered a work of art in itself with statues, the wall paintings and an incredible ceiling. The Old Town Hall is open daily from 9.30am to 5pm. Admission is 2 Euros (2010 prices). Admission to the hall is also included in the 8 Euro “Bruggemuseum” ticket which includes a number of other attractions in Bruges.

The Old Civil Registry is located to the right of the Old Town Hall. This building was completed in 1537 but the decorative statues on the top were destroyed in 1792, before being restored to the way you see them now. They represent Justice, Moses and Aaron.

The prettiest way to enter and leave the Burg is via the cobbled pathway of the same name which leads through an arch in the Old Civil Registry and over a beautiful canal bridge. The Burg square also incorporates an attractive urban garden area.


The Burg Square is linked to the Market Place by Breidelstraat. The streets around the edge of the small square are known as Burg and De Garre (see map below).


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