Europe is a continent packed with incredible cities to visit. From the romance of Paris to the history of Rome and from the Gothic towers of Prague to the beer of Copenhagen, there’s so much to enjoy. Here are our reviews of tourist attractions in Europe and remember, all our attraction reviews are based on personal visits:

Fort Saint Elmo

This historic fort in Valletta, Malta is part of a collection of forts which have protected the island from invaders for centuries. The history of this one in particular is impressive though and its buildings are also the home to … Continue readingFort Saint Elmo


Tarragona is one of Spain’s most historic cities, notable for its many Roman ruins including a near-complete amphitheatre. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site, but it’s also a busy port and shopping destination. With Barcelona nearby, Tarragona isn’t everyone’s first … Continue readingTarragona

Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower sits on a tiny island in the Bosphorus river in Istanbul. The river marks the border of Europe and Asia, so this tower straddles the two continents. It was made particularly famous after being featured in the James … Continue readingMaiden’s Tower

Parc Sama, Spain

Parc Sama is a historic garden near Cambrils in Catalunya, Spain which retains much of the charm of its creation in 1881. The house here and the surrounding land was the summer residence of Salvador Sama and he wanted it … Continue readingParc Sama, Spain

The Catacombs, Paris

The Paris Catacombs are a tourist attraction made from the tunnels which stretch under the streets of Paris. The vast majority of the city’s catacombs are off-limits to visitors however, one small 2km section is available to visit. It’s very … Continue readingThe Catacombs, Paris

Hippy Market, Ibiza

The Hippy Market is one of Ibiza’s most popular retail attractions and people come from all over the island to browse the stalls and soak up the atmosphere. It began in 1973 when hippies were first allowed to sell their handicrafts … Continue readingHippy Market, Ibiza


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