The Vasa Museum, Stockholm

The Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum in Stockholm houses a fascinating maritime relic with an amazing story! Inside you’ll find an incredibly preserved galleon from 1628 which sank on its maiden voyage and lay at the bottom of the harbour for over 300 years. The reason it survived so well preserved, is because of the properties of the water in the harbour.

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Skyview, Stockholm


Skyview is a relatively new attraction in Stockholm and it makes use of one of the city’s most unusual landmarks. The Ericsson Globe is technically the world’s largest spherical building and Skyview is a sort of ride which is bolted onto the outside of the dome. It reminded us of the London Eye, but Skyview is not a wheel with multiple pods, simply two pods which travel to the top and back. The journey is over quite quickly, but the view is stunning and it’s certainly an unusual way to sample the cityscape of Stockholm.

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Skansen Outdoor Museum, Stockholm

Skansen Outdoor Museum

Skansen is an attraction based on the island of Djurgården, where you’ll find the world’s oldest open-air museum combined with Stockholm Zoo. The museum is fascinating and it brings together buildings from all over Sweden. As you walk around you will move from one community to another and many of the buildings are attractions in themselves.

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