Conwy Castle, North Wales

Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle is large defensive structure, built in the 1280s, which dominates the North Wales town of Conwy. It’s notable for how much of it still remains and the railway line which runs alongside and even underneath it at one stretch with battlements to match. It has several turrets which make it quite striking to look at because they are so tall. Most of the turrets can be climbed with the network of spiral staircases and when you get to the top, they all have a terrific view of the harbour and the other buildings in the town.

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Cardiff Bay, Cardiff

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay was once the busy dock area of the city, but it’s been totally transformed in recent years and has now become a tourist attraction in its own right. This is partly thanks to a barrage which was built in the 1990s creating a huge “lake” and preventing the tide from taking all the water. The lake area within the barrage is now used for sailing and other water sports.

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Doctor Who Experience

Who Experience

The Doctor Who Experience is a new attraction based at Cardiff Bay which focuses on the BBC TV Series Doctor Who which is filmed in the city of Cardiff. The attraction is based on the characters and events that are depicted in the TV show and includes specially recorded sequences from the current Doctor Who. It replaces a Doctor Who Exhibition which was much smaller.

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Cardiff Castle, Cardiff

Cardiff Castle, Cardiff

Cardiff Castle has around 2000 years of history. The oldest part of the castle is the old keep in the centre and this is surrounded by the more modern extensions that made it a family home for the Bute family. On your guided tour, you’ll get to see some of the lavishness of the insides of the castle although we did find the guide a little tedious. The building though is marvellous, so don’t let that put you off.

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Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Millennium Stadium

The Millennium Stadium is the modern home of Welsh Rugby, but it’s also an arena that can be used for other sports like soccer or as a music venue. It has also played host to large shows. They’re able to use it for so many different things because the pitch is set into moveable concrete blocks which can be picked up and moved out. The stadium is one of the new water-side additions to the city centre and we can thoroughly recommend the regular tours.

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