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Belgium is a country of wide open countryside and pretty cities like Bruges and Antwerp. It’s famous for its beer, chocolate and the European Union headquarters. Here are our reviews of tourist attractions in Belgium and remember, all of our attraction reviews are based on personal visits:


  • Choco-Story Museum, Bruges

    Choco-Story Museum, BrugesChoco-Story is an attraction in Bruges which tells the story of Belgian chocolate making over the years. The museum is located inside one of the city’s tallest historic buildings, dating back to 1480. You make your way on a journey through the rooms of the museum as the story is told through displays and sign boards.

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  • The Grand Place, Brussels

    Grand Place, Brussels

    The Grand Place is a large cobbled square is the heart of the old centre of Brussels and it’s beautiful! The architecture here is impressive and the whole square is filled with historic charm. You’ll find a nice atmosphere in the square on a busy day too and it’s surrounded by restaurants and bars. For us, this square was the highlight of Brussels and we spent many hours here eating, drinking and sightseeing.

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  • Burg Square, Bruges

    a href=”/europe/belgium/burg-square-bruges/”>Burg Square, Bruges

    The Burg Square is near to the Market Place in Bruges and is a smaller, but in our view prettier square. This area is the administrative centre of Bruges and is surrounded by more beautiful buildings and the tourist information centre is here too. Significant buildings in this square include the Old Town Hall, the Old Civil Registry, the Basilius church and the Chapel of the Holy Blood which claims to have a vial of Christ’s blood.

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  • The Atomium, Brussels

    The Atomium

    The Atomium is one of the most unusual structures in Belgium. It was built in 1958 is over 300 feet tall and has nine large spheres which are connected by tubular passageways making the shape of a giant iron crystal cell. It’s open to the public and we’d really recommend a visit. Inside of the spheres you’ll find exhibition space, a restaurant and public areas with the top one having a lovely view of Brussels.

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  • Lover’s Lake, Bruges

    Lover’s Lake, Bruges

    This lake is also known as Minnewater and you’ll find it on the southern edge of Bruges within the park of the same name. The lake itself and the buildings and park surrounding it are so picturesque, that you can see where the name has come from – it’s a great place to be with someone you love!

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