Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam contains more than 200 Van Gogh’s spread over two buildings. If you like his paintings, you’ll very much enjoy a trip here but think carefully about when to go. It’s best to pick a quiet time because when it’s busy, it’s sometimes hard to see the paintings above the heads of the people in front of you. You may also find yourself in a queue to get in at busy periods although this is partly because there is quite a bit of security to go through before you can even buy your ticket.

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Flower Market, Amsterdam

The Flower Market, Amersterdam

This is our “top tip” for Amsterdam so we’d thoroughly recommend a visit. It’s a sea of colour in all seasons. You can buy your tulips as souvenirs or just browse around and smell the flower fragrances.  There is no pressure to buy anything, so you can just spend time looking at what’s available. If you do want to buy though, the stall holders are all very knowledgeable and are happy to help – most speak excellent English.

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