Olympic Park, Munich
Olympic Park, Munich



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Germany is a fascinating country for tourists to visit with its wide variety of things to experience. There are incredible Bavarian castles, beautiful cities like Munich, fantastic beer to enjoy and huge mountains to climb. Here are our reviews of tourist attractions in Germany and remember, all our attraction reviews are based on personal visits:


  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

    Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

    Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is one of Germany’s most visited tourist attractions with 1.3 million visitors a year and is reported to be the country’s most photographed building too! When you visit, you can see why. Everything about it is eye-catching, from the turrets and towers to its location nestled in the surrounding mountainside.

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  • Peterskirche Tower, Munich

    Peterskirche Tower

    Peterskirche in Munich, also known as Alter Peter, is slap bang in the city centre and it opens its tower to tourists. The view from the tower is terrific, and is probably the best option for seeing Munich’s skyline, but it is quite a climb and there is no lift.

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  • Marienplatz, Munich

    Marienplatz, Munich

    Marienplatz is an attractive paved square in the centre of Munich which forms the hub of the city’s café culture. It’s is well liked by locals and tourists for its architecture and its atmosphere. The City Hall (Rathaus) is located one side of the square and houses the famous Munich Glockenspiel. There’s always a bit of a crowd that gathers for its performances every day at 11am with extra ones in the summer at 12pm and 5pm. The clock acts out two stories with bells and characters and is worth watching if you’re in the square at the time.

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  • Royal Residenz, Munich

    Royal Residenz, Munich

    The Residenz was the Munich home of the Bavarian royals for hundreds of years and from the outside it looks a rather sober building, but the true magic is inside. Over the years, each King left his mark on the Residenz, added wings and courtyards to the building. There are some really stunning rooms and hallways to see.

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  • Olympic Park, Munich

    Olympic Park, Munich

    Munich held the Olympic Games in 1972 and the resulting Olympic Park is beautiful. The green hills with their walkways surround a pretty lake area with the huge Olympic Tower visible wherever you are. You can take a trip up the lift in the tower for a distant view of Munich’s skyline.

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